About Me

Hi I’m Deb and Welcome to The Organic Nut! This website is going to be packed full of health, well-being, nutrition, exercise, recipes and a holistic natural approach to preventative health care, “my passion”.


I moved to Perth Australia 6 years ago with my husband and 2 daughters. I am 49 (yikes) a registered nurse and love my job, but have a passion for natural healing and preventative health and well-being. Since moving to Perth I have embraced my love of the outdoors and felt generally fitter and healthier despite getting older.

I have researched and attended seminars on natural health and well being and applied these basic principles to myself and my family with great results! This is easy and doesn’t have to be expensive.

The back pain I experienced for most of my adult life is practically gone and allows me the freedom to run. The high blood pressure that I was diagnosed with and medicated for (not anymore) has also resolved itself, 25 years on!

I was born to help so I have to share…………..

Help is here………..

Through my nursing work I have noticed an increase in chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Thyroid problems, Hypertension, Cardiac Disease, and Inflammaory Bowel Disease. The increase in Mental Health disorders and the over medication (in my opinion) in particular young people is quite honestly shocking.

Through simply eating well, (not dieting), getting regular exercise, fresh air, drinking adequate filtered water, a little sunshine (essential for vitamin D), learning to de-stress, breathe, and chill we can quite quickly feel energised and amazing.

My Mission

With the knowledge I have acquired through nursing and my love of helping people it’s my mission to inspire, eduacate and share with others to have a better., more fulfilled and disease free life.

I am not looking at mad exercise programs that last 2 days or diets that make you feel hungry and weak. This is making small sustainable changes that fit in with your life and make you feel energised and empowered.

I actually have so much to share I’m bursting but quite simply, let’s get the world back to a better place and be free to live a long happy healthy life..

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Have a lovely day

Deb x

The Organic Nut