Recipe for a happy life – Welcome 2019!

So looking back on the last year, what have you achieved? or maybe not achieved. How did you set your last years resolutions/goals? Was it regrets from the previous year, or dissatisfaction with yourself? Have you reached these goals or was it all over by February? Did you find your recipe for a happy life?

I want to shed some light on new year resolutions, and make them something that will inspire you to surge forward and reach your goals. This is a positive way of making changes in your life, to succeed and feel happy and fulfilled.

Dream Big


Last year I decided to make a list of all the things I wanted to do/achieve throughout the year. It’s way too easy to hold back and hover in your own little comfort zone It was time to push myself to feel satisfaction and a sense of excitement (my new word for fear!). And wow what a difference it’s made to the year that’s coming to a close.

You have to think hard about what you want and set achievable goals. These need to push you and feel exciting, but need to be within your reach.

So let me share….

Last Years List

1. Horseriding bareback along a beach.

2. To go proper, no fancy stuff camping. Just a tent some friends, no campsite and no bathroom!!

3. To run the HBF 12k.

4 To go to Bali.

5. To make more time for myself and do things to improve my health and well-being.

Did I Achieve All These?

Absolutely. These were fun achievable goals. No starting diets on 1st January. and feeling horrible tired and hungry. These were fun and I loved every minute of each and every one.

1. This was a fantastic experience and one I’ll never forget. It was a chilly day but exhilarating being lead waist deep into the ocean. No saddle no bridle just a rope lead, free and fantastic!!

2. The camping trip was awesome. We headed off for Preston Beach and met up with friends. It was exhilarating driving windows down watching the waves crash on miles of deserted white sands.After a few hours of driving along the beach we found the perfect spot. A sheltered area nestled about 100 meters from the ocean front.

Just before sunset we wandered to the ocean shore and watched the sun go down. We pitched our tents dug a hole got a fire going. We sat around toasting our toes and eating food heated up on a little camping stove. The only light was from the fire and it was magical. No phones, laptops etc just good clean air, good simple food and some laughs with good friends.

The ocean air sent us all off to our tents early. I lay there for a while just listening to the waves crashing before falling into a deep sleep.

This trip was so refreshing, stress relieving and left me with a clear mind. Just getting back to basics was fantastic and good for the soul. A definite must for the coming year. I even coped well without bathroom facilities which was my biggest worry about this trip!!

3. So the HBF run I trained for and ran with my daughter. The atmosphere in Perth was fab. The day was beautiful warm and sunny. Next year I will be pushing for a longer run to keep the challenge fresh..

Just to put you in the picture I don’t find running easy. I only started distance running in my mid 30’s and it’s been a struggle. I was one of those people who said “I can’t run distances”. Well I can and you can too it just takes time and a lot of effort and commitment. It will be slow to start with but if you keep at it you will get there.

4. The trip to beautiful Bali was a last minute it’s now or never trip. We booked about a week before we flew out. Although I’d really wanted to experience Bali I wasn’t sure what to expect. I must say I loved it, the whole family did. The airport was crazy no real system to collect luggage just look and hopefully you’ll find it. We traveled light so luckily only had 1 suitcase which was found eventually.

A driver arranged by the villa took us to our accommodation. We arrived down a tiny backstreet in the middle of the night. We were dropped at our villa which looked just like a small courtyard with just a door. But wow beyond that door was paradise. Open air lounge, kitchen, and pool. The bedrooms were all spacious with open air bathrooms. There is nothing like an outdoor shower, cool and refreshing.

We spent the week at markets, eating at fabulous organic restaurants, having massages, reading and swimming. The fruit in the markets was fresh and delicious, the service and cleanliness of our villa was second to none. The Balinese people were so welcoming and friendly. It was the best holiday I’ve ever had and plan to go back many more times.

5. So make time for me. There were two ways in which I achieved this.

First of all I treated myself to regular massages. Everyone is different I love a good firm massage that relives all the knots in my back and neck. I had several of these at the beginning of the year and they really worked on the tension areas. The relief is fantastic and doing that little something just for you really lifts your spirits.

The second thing I discovered was sound meditation. I had tried meditation in the past and found it great but actually going somewhere and having the sounds carry you though is out of this world.

It starts with a drumming. This is amazing, the drum literally vibrates through your body and feels like it shakes loose all the stress and old energy that’s got stuck around you. It leaves you feeling open, lighter, energised and ready for whatever life throws at you. The gentle sounds and vocals that follow allow your mind to rest while you stay focused on the sounds. For some people this can take practice especially if you have a particularly busy mind.

I would highly recommend sound meditation. If anyone lives in the Perth area and is interested please get in touch and I can give you the details

This years list….

This years list is a continuation to last years with the addition of a trip back to the UK, I would also like to run a half-marathon to push myself just a bit further. I have also heard about sunrise cold water dips which intrigues me. I detest cold water/cold weather but have been told the benefits of cold dips are amazing. Being physically uncomfortable can help you deal with emotionally uncomfortable situations, so definitely worth exploring further.

I will continue with massages and sound meditation and join Park Runs.

I would love to get in another trip to Bali too.

Please post me your lists I would love to hear from you.

Let’s do this!!

New Years Resolutions are personal. Mine will be different to anyone else. I have found by making this almost “bucket list” for the year I have created  new opportunities for myself and it’s helped me mentally strive for new goals and achievements. It’s also slightly pushing me out of my comfort zone on each and every one. Some of these are mentally and some physically. I felt not only good doing all the things that I set out to do but also crossing them off my list felt like a great sense of achievement.

I would urge everyone to set goals and write them down. Put this list somewhere visible not shoved in a draw and forgotten about. I honestly don’t think I would’ve done my list if I hadn’t set myself the challenge.If you want a happy fulfilled life you have to move forward do new things and never lose sight of your dreams.

Happiness doesn’t find you, you have to find and create it.

Another tip is to make sure you achieve one of your goals early on in the year, it’ll inspire you to cross the next one off. Take photo’s and write about it. Memories are powerful tools to happiness. Reflect on your achievements.

On that note I’d like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and the very best for 2019. Be kind to yourself and others

Let’s make some positive changes and live our lives to the full.

Best wishes

Deb (The Organic Nut) x